Who knew!?!?

A couple of days ago I told you guys about the awesome ivory prize box I got from influenster….. Well I have only tried the aloe body wash, and I am in LOVE! I have always been the girl to pick the fruity smelling body wash. Those body washes my have smelled amazing but they always left my skin itchy and a little dry. This isn’t the case with the ivory aloe body wash, it moisturizes and has a simply clean scent, which is perfect for the whole family. My husband is your typical army guy, nothing fruity for him! When I put all my ivory prizes in our bathroom he immediately open the soap bars, and said oh I love these. Since I’m such a body wash girl when I got my TLC voxbox my husband was in charge of testing the soap bar. I forgot how much he enjoyed it. It is save to say he’s an ivory soap man! Their new two in one head and body wash is perfect for the guy on the go. My husband takes a 5 minute shower and then he’s out the door, so 2 in 1 is just his style. Plus with him always training for months at a time having just one product makes traveling easy. So my final thoughts…. TRY IVORY PRODUCTS! Never again will I settle for just a good smell again , do right by you skin and use ivory! There’s an option for everyone!

I still have to try the hand soap…. But their simple and clean ways have made me love them, so I sure it will be amazing!


So much love coming your way

imageSo recently I have scored some amazing physician’s formula make up. Cvs is having a huge clearance sale! Up to 75% off or MORE!! I have always been a huge fan of this line but unable to buy it because it’s a little pricey. Being a mom make you think twice before buying $12 mascara, but I can’t lie I still get it every once in awhile… Hey you gotta treat yourself! Anyway I have only had a chance to try a few of the products I picked up…. Spoiler alert I’m obsessed!!!

The first product I want to gush over is the mineral wear correcting primer. This little green brush is amazing! It not only primes your face, protects your skin, it also corrects those pesky pimples!!! Not to mention those mommy circle under your eyes! Finals have been taking a toll on me and my poor face! This has been a live saver! Goes on smooth and and rubs in perfect. You can easily use it as a base or wear alone to those quick trips to the store.

The next physicians formal product I must gust over is the happy booster, glow boost!! It is a translucent powder that has a little shimmer. It’s amazing it give you the right amount of glow, to give you that beauty rest look! After you put your make up on just brush a light layer over and you finish with a glow!!

….. Basically this brand is worth the price tag!!! Try everything!!! And don’t worry I have more to gush on later!

Another bonus is my influenster ivory box came in today! A box of prizes from the brand challenge! My husband is so excited! Simple and clean is his thing! So tomorrow I will tell you more!

The balancing act!

It is no secret that being a mom is a beyond full time job, but in that job you have to still treat yourself.  At first I felt guilty buying thing for myself when my husband is the only one working, but you have to have perks with any job right?!?!

So today I am review a product moms are going to love! Woolite advanced stain and odor remover plus sanitize.  I have no clue if this is a new product or if I’ve just been clueless to its existence! It has saved my new mommy butt multiple times.  My husband ask me to pick up a uphoistery cleaner at Mejier and it was the only thing I could find, and boy am I glad it found me! It can get out anything! Spilled stinky milk on my car seats, pen on the couch, marker, wine, you name it woolite takes care of it!  I have no idea how I live before this, resolve doesn’t hold a candle to this.  Not only is it the best stain remover it leave a fresh scent without over powering the room or car.  As my toolder enters the terrible two I will be buying woolite by the gross!  Another great thing about it…. It had a 75 cent peelie on it!

Now for my pamper product!  I signed up for the target free make up box. I paid just five bucks for over 28 dollars in sample products…. And they sent a coupon, and everyone knows I love a good coupon! They sent me the Fekkai blowout dry shampoo.  I am completely in love! It takes even three day hair to a new level in volume!  I have naturally dry hair so it takes a few days for oil but this shampoo completely removes any oil in your hair.  All you do is spray at the root and rub in with your fingertips and bye bye oil…. Hello volume! I am completely obsessed with it! Another great thing about Fekkai products, they are in the next vox box, so if you haven’t join influenster start now! And if you’ve been slacking like me step in up! And fingers cross I get this next vox box!!!

Dove Oxygen


I know I have fallen majorly behind in my blogging! But I’m back, and with a new product Dove’s oxygen moisture shampoo and conditioner.  I received trial sizes in my Target  free beauty box.  I was super hesitant about trying it, I’m not much in the changing shampoos.  I’m happy to report it is amazing!  I have never tried any of the dove hair products, but this shampoo is amazing.  My hair is so soft but still has volume!  It has the most amazing smell!  I must say this might be my new favorite shampoo!  My advice try it! More to blog tomorrow…. Trust me I’m just getting started;)!!!!!


So I have been totally preoccupied with school lately to write. Trust me I’m trying I much rather write about all the fun products I’ve been getting especially those I got for free! Which brings me to my new favorite post work out product.

A few weeks ago I received some Burt’s Bees cleansing clothes…. 3 PACKs of ten! I don’t know how I got on this amazing mailing list… But I thank that company so much! I love them I got three different scents red ruby groovy, pearanormal activity, and orange petalooza. They are all amazing! And leave your post work out skin shine free, and oil free! Who said you can’t leave the gym looking amazing!

Red Rudy groovy- has a tart grapefruit tang that gives you that wake up kind of feel and look.

Pearanormal activity- is a claming scent, perfect for those night workout. It clams your hype up skin and cleanses it from impurities!
This is my favorite! Not too strong and not plain, just right for this girl!!!

Orange petalooza- is a flowerlike citric scent…. So yummy and girly I adore it!

All in all I’d check these cleansing wipes out GUD by Burt’s bees! Much like witch hazel wipes… So you love those check these out!

More to come in the morning!!! image

MORE love for simple skincare?!?!?

Yes, I am totally aware that I am completely obsessed with with simple skincare, but hey when you find a good one you gott stick with it. Which is the same reasoning that got me to marry my husband after just three month, and that was the best decision of my life!
Anyways I found an awesome coupon deal making four simple products just .62 at target! So with that awesome bogo coupon I posted about earlier this. Onto I received free cleansing wipes. Keep in mind I have been a ponds cleansing wipes, I never use anything else. So I had some reservations about simples cleansing wipes. And boy was I wrong like every other product the lack of fragrance makes these perfect for ever the sensitive skin around you eyes. Ponds wipes have ridges to trap dirt and makeup, but the thin skin around your eyes take an beating with these. Instead of buying bth cleansing and eye makeup removing wipes, it’s an all in one. Simple skincare cleansing gentle for the eyes but able to get rid of dirt and makeup! It’s a must buy!

…… Quick rite aid has ink joy 8pack (10 if you have the two extras) for use .99 and Sundays newspaper had $1.00 off 2pk or more. These are some of my favorite pen, smooth writing, fun colors and great price at FREE!!!!

Quick thoughts on a few new products!

Hello all! I’ve been alittle Mia lately and I have to apologize now that summer semester is over I’m fully committed!

First quick review is pilot Acroball pens! These were featured in the university vox box for the college kids our there. I didn’t receive that vox box, but I am obsessed with pilot’s G2 pens , in fact they are the only pens I use! So when I read all my other influenster reviews of course I had to try them. And I LOVE THEM! Beside the fact I used all my awesome dollar off coupons on just black ink….. It was a bummer I wish I had more so I could get all the different colors. But hey they write so smooth with little pressure, and there is no need to worry about that awkward black ink smudged into the side of you pr hand. Pilot’s across ball pen dries quick with no smudge! Seriously what are you waiting for pilot products are amazing! And my go to for back to school!

Next on my review list is angel soft, soft pack. These aren’t your average to go tissues, no more fighting with the tiny pocket packs, and travel size tissues. This soft pack has full size tissues, with a full size count. Gone are the days of only ten tissues to a travel pack. These soft packs are awesome for your car, purse, or diaper bag! The tissue are soft but tough, I still am a huge fan of puffs with lotion, but angel soft is a close second in my book! Plus there are so many great coupons for these plus they are only 97 cents at Walmart!
P.s. With current coupons they are only 47 cent!!!

Okay last review of the night! The oral B 3D toothbrush! These are kinda expensive at 3.99 for one, but I’d say it worth the money! This toothbrush has and movable head making it easy to get to those hard to reach areas. It also has whitening bristles in the center that help buff out any stains your morning coffee might leave behind.

So there you have it folks….. A few reviews to get me back on track!!!

Exciting news from simple

Okay so this post may be a little late! But hey I’m a student and a mommy give me a break! I often brag about simple skincare here and I just keep falling in love with them! Simple is unlike most skin care lines they have no perfumes, and no junk added in! They have an awesome coupon out for just this week, so I mean run! It’s a bogo coupon for free makeup remover wipe with any purchase of a moisturizer or cleanser, they are basically giving you your skincare routine….. And what a lovely routine it is…. I know what you’re think what’s the big seal about makeup remover wipes. These aren’t like any others I’ve try and trust me with my sensitive skin, I’ve tried a lot of them! Simple wipes have no stinging affect, you can take off all your makeup and see afterward!this coupon was in last weeks red plum! Get your wipes before it’s to late! I put a picture of coupon down below! Happy couponing!

New favorite facial cleanser!


Today I want to get back on my blog game. Taking a 15 week course in 5 weeks , not the best decision of my life! But hey that’s life and you gotta roll with the punches RIGHT! So tonight is all about my newest love in my Garnier Clean’s blackhead eliminating scrub! I have been pretty blessed to only get a few breaks here or there and no real acne problems, but my main problem being that I have some deep blackheads! This scrub works to slowly pull out these dirt and impurities. The first day using it I felt like my skin was the cleanest it’s been in a while! And as the week has gone by I see less and less blackheads and some making their grand exit! I must warn you that it’s gets a little bumpy on the road to clear skin. At first I hated how noticeable the blackheads got, but as soon as you get to the point of wanting to hide they start clearing out of your pores!



Being apart if influenster!

It was never a dream of mine to review products….. But when you moved 11 hours away from your childhood home ( not to mention north to the south), because your heart I’d there it’s hard to make friends.  Like most army wives I was not ready for the changer that’s was going to happened when I married my soulmate. Then I joined influenster and it changed me, I had a job. I love the opportunities and how the treat their followers! So if you were on the fence about joining, don’t wait any longer… Your vox box might be just a click away!

So now in true influencer fashion I have a review for you all. Drum roll please…….. I tested out the new physician’s formula sexy booster mascara and the sexy booster eyeliner!

Where to start….
The look: this has got to be the cutest tube of mascara ever!! The tube is red with black velvet pattern. At the top of the tube there is a shoe charm! It’s so girly I can’t take it
As for the eyeliner trio it come with the most adorable case!

Mascara: this mascara is amazing, not only did I receive it free with a mail in rebate I found online, the brush is huge! This brush seep rates all your lashes, and because do it’s size you don’t get any clumps. Unlike most volume mascaras you can ability this one to both your bottom and top lashes without making a mess of spider lashes on you bottom lid. The only thing I didn’t like was the fact that it is a matte black, rather than a silk finish. But even with that this is my new favorite go to!

Eyeliner trio: the eyeliner trio come with a normal plastic body eyeliner, a thick eyeliner crayon (my personal favorite) and a marker like liquid liner. I love both the regular eyeliner and the eyeliner crayon the goes on smooth and is perfect for your water liner. The eye crayon can take you look from day to night, perfect for those weekend smokey eye!
The marker isn’t my favorite but I’m not a fan of these in any brand. It doesn’t more out dark enough! I love having sharp lines that open those peepers up!
all in all the sexy boost products are a most, and you better hurry because today is the last day to get them bogo free at target!

And one last plug: Try influenster!